“ABAX has been using Hans H. Schive for a decade in designing and supplying battery solutions to our systems. They have always fulfilled all our expectations in terms of expertise, communication, safety issues and on-time deliveries.”

Tor Engebretsen, CEO

  • Abax
  • ABAX


ABAX is a Norwegian technological and industrial success and has since the start in 2003 become a market-leader in developing and delivering electronic GPS tracking and fleet management systems. ABAX has from the beginning used Hans H. Schive as their partner for development and supplies of battery solutions.

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The HUGIN AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) started as a dual civil and military application strategy, developed jointly by Statoil, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) and Kongsberg.

Hugin can be configured with a variety of different sensors and can operate down to 6000 meters below sea level. Typical applications are within oil & gas, research, environmental monitoring and defence and includes inspection, mapping, monitoring and data acquisition.

HUGIN is equipped with pressure tolerant lithium polymer batteries that are assembled, moulded and tested by Hans H. Schive.

“Kongsberg Maritime considers the Hugin battery to be a critical component, both from a safety point of view, and the importance to ensure the optimal quality that guarantees long-term and stable operations in every sortie, operating all the way down to 6000 meters depth. We are totally dependent on suppliers having full control in all processes from incoming inspection to complete assembled and tested battery.

We have been working together with Hans H. Schive since 2007, and they have fulfilled all our strict requirements to quality, documentation, traceability and communication.”

Bjørn Gjelstad, R&D Manager Marine Robotics
Kongsberg Maritme

Kongsberg Hugin

“Halfwave started to cooperate with Hans H. Schive in early development phase of the ART Scan™ tool where they did the battery design.  We feel very confident about Hans H. Schive as our partner for battery design and assembly as well as for supplies and logistics”


Øyvind Heimli
HSEQ Manager

Halfwave art scan


Halfwave’s develops and operates tools for pipeline inspection based on their patented innovative Acustic Resonance Technology.  ART Scan™ provides accurate measurement data in pipelines, providing enhanced information to their clients, ultimately reducing the risk of leaks and increases the technical safety of pipelines.

The ART Scan™ is powered by a high-temp Lithium primary battery, designed, assembled by Hans H. Schive.


“To take a leading position and to bring pioneering technology to the market, there has been a strong focus on «time to market». We were totally dependent on partners like Hans H. Schive.

Their capability to understand, respond, to be proactive and to propose battery solutions that met or exceeded our requirements has been key factors for our success. Since Magseis operates in different parts of the world we are totally depended on competitive conditions and on-time supplies wherever we are.”

Jan B. Gateman
Senior Vice President Magseis




Magseis ASA, an industry leading ocean bottom seismic company, has designed and manufactured “state of the art” proprietary technology. The Marine Autonomous Seismic System (MASS) consist of in-sea cable and sensor nodes, offering automated handling and download of data.

The MASS sensors are powered by lithium primary batteries with a number of requirements for optimal performance over a long period of operations, as well as the impotance of the safety aspect.

Magseis has from the start of development of the MASS sensor program, used Hans H. Schive’s competence and consulting related to selecting the optimal battery solution for use in seabed applications.

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Axnes AS develops and supplies advanced and highly durable wireless intercom solutions for use inside and outside aircraft and in other demanding applications. Axnes is an EASA Part 21 and Part 145 approved organization and are well known for its successful POLYCON wireless ICS extention.

PNG is the next generation wireless intercom system for aircraft and demanding applications from Axnes.

PNG is a wireless ICS extension for use both in rotary and fixed wing aircraft. It provides both full Duplex and secure communication. The system is highly ruggedized and has a robust range.


“For battery solutions, we use Hans H. Schive as our partner. They have supported us with different battery designs, battery supplies and support for both our «Polycon» and for for our next generation of wireless intercom system «PNG».

Our customers are extremely demanding and we have found that Hans H. Schive meets all our quality, safety, documentation and traceability requirements.”

Petter Johnsen


Nofence is a virtual fencing system that makes it easy to give grazing animals access to good, varied pasture.

“Hans H. Schive provides the highest level of service, quality products and reliability in the Litium-Ion battery market, and have fulfilled all our requirements for a robust and safe battery design that needed to be certified for deliveries to all continents. Animal wellfare, to have the solution and as lightweighted as possible to ensure maximum safety and comfort has been our main focus.  Through its partnership with the Norwegian company Mascot AS, Hans H. Schive has also handled the specifications and lgistics of a high quality «Nofence customized» battery charger.”

Erik Harstad


The Nofence collar is powered by a solar cell in combination with a high quality Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery which ensure a stable and secured power during the whole grazing season.

The system consists of an app and a solar-powered collar that communicates over the mobile phone network. The collar contains a GPS tracking system that provides position data. If anything unexpected happens, you receive a message on your phone.

With Nofence, you can look after your animals and make it much easier for farmers to use non-arable land to feed their animals.

Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) is the prime institution responsible for defence-related research in Norway.The Establishment is the chief adviser on defence-related science and technology to the Ministry of Defence and the Norwegian Armed Forces’ military organization.

“Underwater Energy supply unit”

The scope of the project was to develop a Li-Ion battery including a customized battery management system and additional sofisticated electronics. The battery to be ruggedized and highly safe.

Underwater Energy supply unit

“For FFI it was important to find a competent battery supplier who was capable of design a highly reliable and safe battery, and also took the responsibility for the complete battery solution including the battery design and for building of the prototype including all the electronics and mechanics. We found that Hans H. Schive together with its partners in the OMNI Network, had all the skills we requested.”