May 04

Hans H. Schive exhibited as a part of the OMNI Electric Paviljon at Subsea Valley Conference SSV2017

Our new Subsea Modular Powerbank was presented at the SSV2017 Exhibition.

There was a huge interest in our brand new HHS Modular Subsea-Battery solution rated for 1000 meters. The base battery module of 50kWh can be connected in series and in parallel to meet different requirements both in voltage and energy. Maximum voltage is 1250VDC and energy can be more than 10MWH. The Battery modules are based on cost competitive technology from the marine propulsion market with proven cell-to-cell thermal propagation protection, mulitlayer battery controller with redundant safety measures. The battery housing is equipped with over pressure valve and can be equipped with either regular connector or inductive connector from Blue Logic. The development has been done in cooperation with OMNI partners.