Offshore / Marine

The world requires new energy solutions for the future! The rules of the game are changing dramatically, and makes batteries become an increasingly more important component in tomorrows energy solutions.

The Offshore / Marine sector has for decades been the largest business segment for Hans H. Schive.

Our skilled team has long experience in designing and building primary and rechargeable Lithium based battery solutions in diversified segments of this sector.

Whether you are deep down at high pressure/high temperature or at the surface, we will support you with cost effective and reliable solutions.  Our batteries today operates in critical applications such as;

  • Subsea control systems.
  • Subsea energy storage.
  • Pipeline inspection tools.
  • Down hole / high temperature applications.
  • Seismic & reservoir equipment.
  • AUV / ROV & Marine robotics.
  • Marine propulsion battery systems.
  • Aquaculture.

We work closely with our customers from concept, design and engineering phases to assembly testing and logistics.

Our quality standard is ISO9001:2015 and workmanship according to IPC-A-610 / J-STD-001.

Military / Defence

Hans H. Schive has been working with the military for more than 50 years. High Power Microwave devices and electronics delivered by us can be found in various of applications like,

  • Radar systems.
  • Weapon remote control systems.
  • Communication systems.
  • Electro-optical equipment.

Today we are involved in development and assembly of battery solutions for military underwater applications and batteries for wireless Intercom systems for use in aircraft.

Industry / Energy

Hans H. Schive has been working with Energy and Industry related segments for decades. We are well positioned to support battery solutions and services for the future demand for “green energy”, and to support our customers with smarter and more efficient energy solutions.

We are involved in various applications like;

  • Energy Storage Systems for households and office buildings.
  • Industrial Controls.
  • Tracking of Animals, Vehicles and Containers.
  • GSM and Satellite.
  • Traffic fleet management.
  • Recycling equipment.
  • Environmental monitoring

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